Laundry Detergent Sheets – Monthly Subscription

£5.50 / month

Each box contains 30 sheets.

  • Our laundry sheets are 100% natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They take up a fraction of the space that bulky plastic bottles do, and clean just as powerfully as mainstream detergents. Oh, and we deliver them for free, posted through your letterbox.
  • Cleaning power
  • Substantial carbon reduction
  • Plastic-free, hassle-free and posted through your letterbox!
  • All packaging fully recyclable & biodegradable
  • All-natural ingredients, no toxins and fully dissolvable
  • Great at low or high temperatures
  • No mess and frees up cupboard space
  • Perfect for sensitive skin

Join the revelation change to plastic-free, all-natural laundry

For smaller loads, we advise 1 sheet, and for larger or more heavily soiled washes, suggest 2.

Our laundry sheets have a mild fragrance derived from essential oils and are 100% natural, free from any toxic chemicals. In order to produce that strong ‘clean’ smell you might be used to with mainstream detergents, synthetic chemicals must remain in your clothes (and therefore you) long after they are washed. By comparison, most of our detergents’ fragrance will have disappeared during the rinse cycle, leaving your clothes chemical and irritant-free. We understand that these strong fragrances are the norm with mainstream detergents, but given the ingredients of these ‘parfums’ are rarely disclosed, and have zero bearings on a garment’s actual cleanliness.

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