And So Do Our Products!

We Love The Planet

Water represents more than 80% of the weight in most laundry products. Simple Living Eco products however contain NO WATER giving a huge 94% reduction in transport carbon emissions.

Alongside this our products are:

- Made with plant-based ingredients
- Great for low temp washes & hand washing
- Are Vegan friendly

Did you know? 300 MILLION SINGLE-PLASTIC BOTTLES can be prevented from polluting the planet - if every UK household switched to waterless laundry!

A kinder way to clean

Switch to Laundry Sheets

Simple Living Eco laundry detergent sheets dissolve in seconds, even in luke-warm water. Suitable for all washing machines, one sheet cleans and softens an 8KG load without the need for softener. Our UK made sheets offer superior cleaning power, removing more stains than the market leading brand in indepedent lab tests so your clothes are left clean and fresh, even after a cool wash.

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