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Detergent Sheets
Ana Corvalan

Detergent Sheets

Great purchase!

I love how simple to use the detergent sheets are and how clean the laundry stays. It's gentle with the clothes and cleans them well leaving a nice, fresh smell. The eco friendly packaging is an extra bonus.
I already shared a few sheets with friends so they can try them too.

Detergent Sheets
Detergent sheets.

Such a good idea. No plastic and very little weight. Good at cleaning as well!

100% Compostable Sponge Pack of 2

Excellent for many reasons

Excellent cleaning power from something which takes up such a small amount of space, arrives through the post in home-compostable packaging, contains non-scary ingredients, is palm-oil free and is produced on this continent. Wow.

Cleans well and smells lovely

I'm really impressed with the sheets. Simple to use and they do the job. I have sensitive skin and I have had no adverse reactions in using them.

Brilliant Product

Brilliant Product!

Better than DIY

I have been making a DIY multi purpose cleaner for a little while (water, vinegar and cinnamon sticks with fruit peel or essential oils) and my husband hated the smell! Thought I would try this and the laundry sheets and we have new favourites. No more complaints about smells (actually likes it!) And cleans just as well. I would recommend looking at a storage solution for them if you stick with them however, as I have fears of them getting wet as my cleaning stuff is stored under the sink. Love how all packaging is recyclable/compostable! Another bonus is no issues with our cat nor any skin problems, perfect when we have our first child on the way

Love them

Super easy to use, and compact to store. As well as saving the planet

Detergent Sheets
Kate Bellew
Great product

Easy to use, good clean and low packaging impact. What’s not to like.

Detergent Sheets
F Robinson
A bit misleading “Bundle”

I thought I was getting a “Bundle” of these detergent sheets but only received a pack of 32 sheets of the same variety… however I do very much like the smell and not having to rinse off anything stuck to fabrics like you do with the capsules… also makes me feel positive about my impact on the environment.

Simple to use and far less waste

We're on our third set now

Excellent product

I’m on my second packet of these now and I think they are great. They leave no mess, smell great and clean the clothes well. They are expensive compared to supermarket brands but knowing I’m not contributing to the plastic mountain eases my mind. I only hope the product becomes the norm in the future so economies of scale bring down the price and everyone can benefit.

I like these

I like using these sheets because of the practicability and ease, the gentle, clean smell they leave without being overpowering and that they are UK made, so no shipping overseas.

Detergent Sheets
Val Byatt
Love laundry sheets

As a new convert to laundry sheets, I am very pleased with them. They clean as well as laundry tablets and have the added benefit of being easy to store Would definitely recommend

Route Package Protection
Lyn Chia

Route Package Protection

Lovely product

Quick delivery and smells great. Would recommend!

Fab! Space saved, laundry so soft!

These are great, I am totally converted to this eco friendly system! The washing is so soft after line drying, so much softer than the previous big brand non bio I was using! The space saved when storing it is also a bonus. 😊

Natural scent boosters
Linda Hustler
Nice aroma but didn’t last long enough

Easy to use scented salt crystals that smell really nice. Sadly, the scent didn’t last very long.

Detergent Sheets
Ines Kerans

A great product, I wish I'd found this earlier! Washes better than the branded detergent I used for years. Nice, subtle scent. Delivered on time each month. Good for the planet too! Once I run out of my household cleaners, I will look at the other products too.

Brilliant eco friendly product!

These sheets make up into a cheap and very effective eco friendly general purpose cleaner which works well in a spray bottle.
I have also been using these sheets for washing up since early this year and can’t fault them. They are costly though, compared to the alternatives. I am in the fortunate position to be able to support this product with a regular subscription but I really hope the price will come down given time and hopefully an expanding market. I really think the sheets work very well and it’s great to eliminate the environmental damage caused by more conventional washing up detergents. I am very grateful to have these in my life.


These are an excellent product. It is a pleasure to have my laundry washed without harsh chemicals, artificial brightened and synthetic fragrance. Having this eco friendly product in sheet form, reducing transport costs and cupboard space is awesome too. I love it.

Great product

I love the smell of them! Work really well with normal length washes whatever the temperature, but not quite as well on my “30 minutes at 30°” wash, I often find some residue left on the laundry from the sheet with this quick wash.

Detergent Sheets
Paola Narracci
Ok but more expensive than those I already use.

Instructions were not clear on the website so I was a bit surprised to read on the package, once arrived, that you need to use 2 sheets for a full charge. Compared to the other sheets I am using, it is more expensive. Love the packaging though and the detergent does the job.