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Laundry Sheet Subscription
Christopher Doyle
Amazing product

Much better than tabs and I love the scent

I can get rid of the Ariel

This is easily better than my liquid when used with a laundry sheet so I'm really pleased. More space in the cupboard now as well.

Great and good for the planet

So glad I have found an alternative to normal washing products that work just as well and are also good for sensitive skin. Would definitely recommend.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Christopher Garland

Seems to work very well

Wonderful washing

I am so pleased with the product. I have done a lot of laundry with these since purchasing them recently and every time I have been happy with the result. My clothing feels fresh and I feel fabulous for helping to protect both myself and the planet. Thank you for bringing something so beautiful into this world.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Effective and no more plastic. Has to be a win win.


I'm impressed brought a few sheets to try and wow it cleaned a smelt great. So much waste packaging with normal washing liquid I am converted!

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Janette Welland
Great product

I’ve tried a few different eco clothes wash products and this is the best. No plastic, kind to environment and cleans clothes well, leaving a lovely fresh smell!

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Patrick Jeffery
Best by far

Have tried most of the other laundry sheet brands but these are best. Easy to use & give the best wash. More than happy to recommend.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Frances Lawrence
Itching eased

For many years I have suffered from very itchy skin. Since I began using the sheets (unscented) this has eased. The only problem that I have found is that occasionally with the washing machine on wool wash a sheet will not dissolve fully so I have to use an extra rinse.

Very good little product

I have been using these sheets for a while now. They do a great job of cleaning without any residue like some other eco friendly versions. A couple of things to note though, I never know how many to use. If there was a comparison with a standard laundry capsule or a washing powder/liquid equivelant it would be really helpful e.g. is 1 sheet the equivelant of 1 laundry capsule or 1 scoop of washing powder? I also miss the little match box style packaging the 64 pack used to come in. They were very handy for easy access to the sheets.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Denise Gould Gould
Excellent product

Very pleased with these. Highly recommend.

Awesome 👏

I’ve used these sheets for months but have just switched to a subscription so I don’t have to worry about running out! They’re great; they clean effectively, no plastic, so simple to use and they don’t make a mess.

What's not to like?

Good value. Effective cleaning. Simple dosage. Lightweight and compact. Delivered through the letterbox. Ultimate convenience and environmentally sound is not a typical combination, but you get that with these


We have been using these for a few months now. My laundry comes out clean and feeling fresh. Love the smell too. And not having so much space taken up is great.

They’re okay

These are fine. They smell more like green apples than what I’d expect of fresh linen but it’s nice to have something natural that smells good. There’s also no guidance as to how much to use at once but they are listed as last for aprox’ 12weeks. The container or site said use as much as you like but a suggestion would still be helpful. Finally, I’d suggest wrapping them up in the laundry sheet to pop in the front loading drum otherwise they fall into the holes of the machine and rubber catcher thing and go to expensive waste.

Unbelievably good!!

I cannot sing this product’s praises high enough. After researching long and hard a way to move away from harmful chemicals while considering cost effectiveness and effective cleaning I happened upon the laundry leaves. I’ve tried so many brands, varieties, smells, liquids, powders and all sorts, but I have to say, for the cost, the effectiveness, the storage (one small envelope vs two massive 15 litre boxes!), the smell, the environmental friendliness, these are an absolute winner! Ordered on subscription, the cost is more than comparable to my previous bulk buying of an other eco-product. I have no need for a separate washing liquid/powder and conditioner - the leaves are all in one. They work on bedding, towels, day to day clothes, stinky sports kits and even a few staines such as make-up, egg and and balsamic vinegar (don’t ask!) have been washed out. I have sensitive skin, so some products do make me itch. This has had no adverse effect on my skin at all. I love the linen fresh scent. It’s not over powering and just smells clean. I use them to clean our Guinea pig bedding - they too are sensitive to chemicals and their bedding comes out clean, fresh and given the pop corning (guinea pigs bounce like popcorn when they are happy) around the cage I’d say their happy too. The added bonus for me, is that there is no residue left in the washing machine drawer or in the drum. No soap scum, none of that horrible slime in the filter, no crust from using powder, my washing machine is a lot cleaner without me having to clean it so much. Happy days! Even gave my mum some for Christmas I love it that much! I would highly highly recommend.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Linda Hargreaves

Very good value and excellent green credentials.

You will live these

Easy to use, great scent. My washing comes out with stains removed and the washing smells really lovely.

Waste free washing!

Brilliant laundry sheets which clean, soften and freshen with no mess or waste. Combined with scent boosters, my laundry has never smelt better!

Laundry Scent Boosters
Ruth Gathercole
Fresh and natural

I absolutely LOVE these scent boosters! Just the right amount of fragrance for my laundry. I like to keep both fresh linen and coconut in as they are equally lovely. No artificial overly perfumed smell. Just fresh and natural. Also knowing I'm doing my bit for the planet (and my septic tank) is a bonus.

Great Scent Boosters much better than those large bottles of fabric conditioner!

Use them in washing machine, but also put some in re-useable hoover bag, so when it's being used, a pleasant aroma is let out!

Great Laundry Leaves

Love they don't take up valuable space in cupboard, so easy to use, love them!

The way forward

If you have any love of this planet and for a system that does not further pollute our oceans or our drinking water, and a desire to reduce pollution yet still get a quality wash and conveniently, these laundry sheets are definitely the way forward. Wonderful stuff.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Frances Lawrence
Sheets good but admin problems

The sheets would get full marks but my problem with my payment details seeming to be held somewhere on your system bothers me. You tried to blame me for this, I knew my computer is set not to hold such details but double checked, following your instructions, and nothing is shown to be causing the problem this end. I do not have this problem on any other sites and being disabled do a lot of online shopping.