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Easy to use and much reduced waste

A laundry game changer - very pleased with the laundry sheets, clean clothes well and have used in combination with stain removers for stubborn marks/stains. Delivery was speedy too and a definite satisfaction knowing I’ve further reduced our household reliance on plastic.

Lovely natural product with a subtle scent

Very pleased with the fabric softener, it leaves clothes smelling clean and fresh. Would be great if it was available in a larger pack though. Otherwise very pleased with the product!

These work really well, we've been using them for over a year and don't plan on changing our detergent sheets any time soon.

Eco laundry

If you’re worried about the environment please try these sheets, they do the job. Still use your stain remover as you would using normal detergent for those peskie marks, but otherwise they do the job just as good 😌

Great products

They smell great and leave my washing clean and soft. Very pleased with them

Oxygen Bleach
Julia Harvey
Works really well

A small amount goes along way and it’s really good stuff - easily got the turmeric stain out of a hand towel with a presoak. I’m quite impressed and will def be buying again.

Honestly they're brilliant

I got bought these as a gift, I was proper skeptical. Just bought a replacement pack after 4-5 months (1-2 loads per week?) because they were such a game changer. Easily cleans as well as my previous detergent, no weird residue and a nice fresh smell. No plastic waste!

Simple to use and far less waste

We've used these a few times now, and they just work. It says you can use 2 sheets if your wash is really dirty, but we've only ever had to use one

Natural fabric softener
Margaret Marshall
Fabric softener

Love this product but think that the quantity is rather small compared to liquid softeners. If supplied in a bigger quantity would be much better.

detergent sheets

Love these sheets so simple to use gets my laundry nice and clean

Absolutely love these

These sheets are amazing, simply add to warm or cold water and voilà you have one powerful cleaning product that is eco friendly which is a massive bonus.

Eco friendly detergent sheets

Brilliant and will always use now. Trying to get family to use them!!

Great detergent

Detergent sheets do an amazing job and service from Simple Libing Eco is great!


Work really well, take up basically no space. so happy to be plastic free.

WIth the subscription works out to the same price per load as a big jug of detergent from asda.

Scent is not very noticeable but no big deal

Excellent alternative to liquid and powder.

I really like this product for various reasons. 1) It washes well. 2) It’s better for the environment both the product itself and the packaging. 3) Space saving in my cupboard. The minor negative and the reason for not giving 5* is that occasionally it doesn’t disintegrate completely at 30 degrees. I will continue to use the washing sheets as the positives far outweigh the slight niggle.

Smell lovely

I’m on my second box and these sheets seem to work as well as my previous detergent. They smell lovely and don’t use any space up in the cupboard.


Really impressed with the results and love the extra space in the cupboard!

Stain Remover Bar
Kathryn Payne
Stain block

Great product got turmeric out of my top.

Laundry Detergent Sheets
Eco laundry sheets

These sheets are a fantastic idea and I’m so pleased to have found them. They’re not only eco friendly and work as well as my old detergent, they take up less room in the cupboard and avoid the need for softener.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets -32 Sheets
Raymond Walker

Simple Living Eco detergent sheets (30 Sheets )

Really easy to use

I love these. Just need 1 sheet for a wash and will be excellent to take on holiday. Very lightweight parcel so easy to transport.

I love these!

These laundry sheets are really easy to use, come in recyclable packaging, leave no residue, smell lovely, are eco friendly...and they do the job they're intended for! What more can you ask?!

Fantastic product

I’ve been using these laundry strips for a few weeks now. They are easy to use. My clothes comes out clean and I am not sending any plastic to landfill. Definitely a big win!

Laundry Detergent Sheets
No plastic used in washing cloths

I have found them great, all marks have come out of washing.


These work well dissolved in an old spray bottle for work tops, cupboard doors etc. Brilliant for space saving, low transport costs, non polluting, not plastic, and very good value.
I purchased them to achieve the same environmental benefits as a washing up detergent. In my opinion they work AT LEAST as well as both traditional and eco friendly dishwashing liquids, but they do work out quite costly for this purpose. I paid approx 19p per sheet. I washed up today plates and cutlery for 2, 2 saucepans medium soiling, 2 cups, 2 glasses, and a couple of cooking utensils and it was more than adequate. Recently used for full roast meal with chicken and all the trimmings for 2 and used 2 sheets. If I only have a few bits I cut the sheet in half.
I am hoping the cost will reduce as they become more widely known and used but am sticking with them as the environmental benefits and performance are so good. Thank you Simply Living Eco!

Thank you Cathy, we are pleased to hear you are happy with our products.