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I have only used these twice since receiving them, but am delighted that they are matching (if not outperforming) my usual mainstream brand! So far the cleaning performance has been exemplary, with no instances of food not being washed off crockery/utensils. It was a common occurrence for cutlery to be stained/marked after washing using my usual brand, but with these there’s not been any issues with that. It’ll be interesting to see how they cope with a varying range of levels of food residue - ie: foods that are more likely to stick to crockery/utensils. Currently though, there’s a high possibility that I’ll switch permanently to these as it’s great to be able to use something that’s less harmful to the environment.

They work

I've been using these for a while now and they really work. Plus they're made in the UK.

Good product 👍

Clothes are clean, soft enough and mild fragrance is a nice hint. I have two boys that get so messy and the laundry sheets work well.

Whites need help to remove hard stains with laundry soap bar.

Laundry sheets

Have used for a couple of years now and find them great. Usually use unscented which is great for srnsitive skin. Spring fresh nice too. I find them better than trafitional detergent, clean really well even heavy washes, gym clothes etc.

Good product

Divine smell, cleans well. A good product to have would recommend

Softer clothing

This is the third eco washing product and by far the softest. Towels are not sandpaper and clothes not brittle. Recommended


I really wanted to like these but sadly despite using two sheets per wash, my wash load isn’t as clean as my previous brand and there is no lovely smell that others talk about.

Great product

They work just as good as the leading brands but obviously less harmful, great product would buy again.

Heavenly scent

Love the convenience of using laundry sheets, which clean effectively with no harsh chemicals. No waste, no mess! Scent boosters make every wash smell amazing for longer, with no irritation to sensitive skin. The handy stain remover is especially effective when used pre-wash. Great value bundle!

I love this collection

Absolutely love this collection. The coconut fragrance is long lasting and keeps clothes fresh for ages. I'm a real fan of the laundry sheets and have used them for years. The stain remover is very good. I'll be buying again!

Washing Sheets

I didn't like these. A friend told me she didn't like the smell and now I know what she meant. Not for me.

Lovely scent but not much in the sachet

The fragrance boosters smell really nice but there isn’t enough in the sachets to match the box of laundry sheets

Love these

I have loved theses since the day I got them, my skin loves them too. Take up way less space in the cupboard and no plastic , even better.

Cleans glass really well

These pods are the best of the eco dishwashing products I've tried so far. Glass really come up sparkling even on a lower temperature.

Do not waste your money - this is no better than using plain water

I so liked the idea of this product, but it is honestly the worst washing up liquid I have ever tried in about 25 years of using different eco washing up products. I don't think it can even be called "washing up liquid", as it just doesn't do anything. I've tried up to 15 squirts per bowl - and even then it was no more effective than using plain water. The foam disappears straight away and the water does not feel any different. I really wanted this to work, so did get through one bottle eventually - but it just did not improve and I ended up using a tiny squirt of ecover each time. If you use it on the sponge direct, it might clean a lightly-soiled plate or two, then you need to add more. How this ever ended up being sold is a mystery to me. Honestly - don't bother trying it. You wouldn't even receive a refund, as you'd have to return it "in the same condition that you received it, unused, and in its original packaging". The smell is nice though!

Eco wash sheets

Love this idea and so convenient. Still concerned there is plastic in them that is going into the waterways.

Wouldn’t go back to my old toilet cleaner!

These sheets work just as well as other toilet cleaners, easy to use, no carrying heavy bottles and so much kinder to the environment. Highly recommended.

Shampoo Bar
Mary O'Brien
Great for my hair

Great for my hair and good for the planet. No plastics to dispose of!

LOVE the products, the cardboard packaging and speed of despatch

I have been using these little beauties for a couple of years now, and I am proud to support a UK-based manufacturer and family-run company.

I cannot see me ever changing!

Laundry Scent Boosters
Phillippa Brooks
Fresh linen scent boosters

These really do impart softness and a beautiful fresh fragrance to laundry after washing with non-bio detergent sheets. Highly recommended

Washing up gel

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in this washing up gel. Smelt lovely but just didn’t live up to the job. If we lived in a soft water area it might have been far better but we live in a hard water area and simply didn’t work as well.

Laundry Scent Boosters
Rosemary McNicholl
Beautiful scent

Love these! Such a good scent boost, without the noxious synthetic fragrances. And I don't need anywhere near the amount of crystals they advise. Definitely a good buy!

Good detergent

I like these sheets. Not an overload of supposedly eco-friendly ingredients that can't be pronounced, mostly good cleaning effect and lovely scent. Stubborn BO stains do need something extra. Works out economical too. But overall, very happy.

Very pleased!

I was sceptical but these sheets are great. Do exactly what they say. 👍