How Simple Living Eco Detergent Sheets Beat The UK Market Leader

How Simple Living Eco Detergent Sheets Beat The UK Market Leader

At Simple Living Eco we’re on a mission to get your whites white, your colours looking fresh and your entire load of laundry to smell and feel fantastic. We do this whilst having an absolutely firm commitment to being an eco-friendly plastic free laundry brand.

We are working hard behind the scenes to develop detergent collections that suit everyone’s taste and budget so we’ve invested in new machinery that allows us to do just that.

In recent months we’ve stepped up our UK production, and before the end of this year we will be proud to say that our ENTIRE range of detergents will be made right here in Yorkshire. By not importing, we’re reducing our carbon footprint massively (our sheets are currently a mix of UK/European made but many competitor's sheets are sourced and shipped from China) and you can be sure you’re buying a quality British-made product from a thoroughly British brand! 

Whilst it’s important that we produce laundry detergent sheets that are eco-friendly we never lose sight of why you are buying them in the first place. And that’s to clean your clothes effectively, wash after wash.

Putting Simple Living Eco Detergent Sheets to the Test

Our team have been using Simple Living Eco detergent sheets at home since we made the very first batch, and we’ve a growing customer list who buy from us time after time. But we wanted to make things official and see how our sheets really stack up against the leading brand on the market right now. We might be small, but our ambitions are mighty so we don’t just want to match the market leader in terms of cleaning power; we want to BEAT them!

At the start of summer we submitted our detergent sheets to an independent laboratory*, who specialise in this kind of work. The test was a spectrophotometer test and we wanted to learn as much from the test data as we possibly could. 

stain removal test

The lab sourced the market leading product and developed a list of 10 different, every day stains ranging from tomato puree to mustard and beef fat. 

How did the test work?

One of each stain was stapled across three large towels to reproduce an average wash load. One laundry sheet was used per wash and inserted into the drum with the large towels containing the stains.

The cycle used was a 20°C cotton wash, which lasted for 1 hour and 27 minutes. The towels containing the stains were removed from the drum after washing, and the stains were removed from the towels. The stains were left to air dry on a maiden. Each stain sample area was then inserted into the spectrophotometer and readings were taken.

All we could do was wait… And then the results were in…

Success! We were delighted to hear the news that Simple Living Eco detergent sheets effectively shifted 6 out of the 10 stains BETTER than the market leading brand.  

stain removal test results

 We are proud that our sheets performed better against the leading brand in the market, but we are hungry for more. Our formulation team never stops developing and testing new recipes so over time we’ll make that six out of ten score a perfect TEN!

 If you haven’t yet tried our laundry detergent sheets, what are you waiting for… eco-friendly, made here in the UK and now proud to say they are more powerful at removing stains than the market leader!

That’s got to be worth a try! And just look at what our customers say about our detergent sheets...

simple living eco customer review

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