Our Story

Hello! We are Diane and Dan from Simple Living Eco

Our journey began when we became parents and realised the harmful impact that mainstream cleaning products were having on our skin and the environment.

We launched our company in 2019 from our kitchen table; alongside selling products, we started researching and looking for a better and more eco-friendly version of detergents only to find that although there are better alternatives, none of them was travel-friendly or dissolved in low-temperature water.

We spent a year working, mixing and testing different formulations, to which we soon outgrew the table and sourced our own machinery and warehouse, where we are able to bring you the first UK made laundry sheets.

We now produce all of our products (except one) in the UK, in our manufacturing units. Our products are not tested on animals, vegan friendly, plant-based where possible, are plastic free or help to reduce plastic and are safer for you and your family.