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  • Sophie|Laundry Sheets

    "I’ve tried a lot of different plant based laundry detergents and found these to be the best. Leave my clothes clean, stain free and smelling fresh!"


  • Kay|Dishwasher Tablets

    "I wanted to say that the more I use them, the more impressed I am. Everything comes out sparkling clean on a 50 degree wash. Great product, highly recommend."


  • Val |Concentrated Cleaners

    "I’ve also just tried the multi purpose concentrate and it has cleaned the whole kitchen really well and it smells great."


  • Judy |Oxygen Tablets

    "Great results. Washing beautifully clean. I use an Oxygen bleach tablet as well as a detergent sheet in with whites with great results."


  • Samantha|Laundry Sheets

    "Have been using them for months now and they don't irritate her skin and are great on both whites and colours. Would recommend!"


  • Paola|Fragrance Boosters

    "We purchased the laundry scent boosters in the fresh linen fragrance, they are wonderful, just as effective if not more than any named brand and without any of the harmful chemicals."