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These work really well - they get clothes clean without using any bleach

Coconut laundry sheets are fantastic - they get everything really clean and leave them soft, without using bleach or fabric softener.. I don't know how they work, they are entirely biodegradable and all ingredients are plant based, which I approve of but didn't believe they could be so effective. But they are, clothes come out clean and soft. I have recommended them to several friends

Scent Booster Bundle
Elizabeth Bennett
These work really well, the washing smells gorgeous

The scent boosters do exactly what they are supposed to - they make washing smell gorgeous. Buying a bundle of 6 makes them better value. I would recommend them very highly

I love the coconut ones ,mild scent but lovely.

Why the plastic bag?

Smells lovely and a good delivery time. Work well in the machine (make sure they will be in the flow of the water in the detergent drawer). But why do the packs come in a plastic bag and not a cardboard sleeve? That's my only quibble and the only reason they lose a star...

Clean and leave a subtle, pleasant scent

These are the third type of laundry sheets I’ve tried. They’ve all been good, but these have the choice of 2 scent options as well as unscented.
My preference is for the Coconut, but the Spring Fresh is OK too. Don’t be put off by the overly-strong smell of the Spring Fresh. I actually find this makes me feel nauseous, but it leaves a more subtle and pleasant scent on the laundry when used.
I was pleased to be able to purchase these with a first-time-buyer discount, but even at full-price they compare well with alternative brands.

My favourite sheets

These are without a doubt the best laundry sheets I've tried. Smells amazing and even better they are UK made. Great company

Toilet Cleaner Sheets
Amanda Lawrence
Toilet cleaner sheets

They appear to work well.

Laundry sheets

Great product, good coconut smell. Would be very hard pushed to return to traditional washing tabs/powder

Laundry Scent Boosters
Alexandra Jakubowski
What a lovely scent!!

Just a few of these boosters adds a gorgeous scent to our laundry. Doesnt affect the fabric, no left over residue and a little goes a long way. Love that they are eco friendly - super guilt free - bonus! Will be recommending to all my friends and family!

Great laundry sheets

This is the first time I’ve used laundry sheets and I was pleasantly surprised with these! I chose this brand over others because of the lower impact on the environment, choice of unscented and the price - great value for money. My clothes came out lovely and clean and I’ve had no issues with irritation (which I have done with other laundry pods and powders. I will definitely continue using these.

Non bio detergent sheets

I just love these sheets. No more overdosing on liquid detergent. They clean really well and leave my laundry smelling fresh. Easy to tear a sheet in half for a small load too. These are now my go-to product.


Slow customer service and they keep changing the scent without notice on subscription. The new “spring fresh” is stinky like someone who smokes cigarettes. The package arrived with the sheets not looking normal as well. I mentioned this to customer service but have never heard back anything.

Great replacement for traditional washing powder

Washed well, easily stored due to compact size , eco friendly...what else could you want. Ordering to Ireland was however a hassle due to duty and delivery company problems. I can buy through a company in Ireland but they are much more expensive. Would like a duty paid price on UK site to be available and then I will gladly buy again and for the near future

Great product

Have been using these for a few months and am extremely please, I go for the Spring Fresh which provides a lovely smell, great product highly recommend these

Does the job

Happy with the Simple Living dishwasher tabs, they do the job as well as any of the supermarkets own brands and as we tend to rinse off items first these work very well

Washing Up Gel/Powder

I use and love the washing machine detergent sheets as well as happy with the dishwasher tabs so was quite excited to see there was now a powder that turned into a gel for washing up. Unfortunately I did not find this worked very well, it did not clean crease from pans very well and also left a sticky residue in the sink (I did follow the instructions for mixing the powder etc.), I did persevere and used all 3 in case I had mixed this incorrectly but it is not a suitable alternative to washing up liquid as it currently stands

Coconut laundry

Nice product. Good price

These scent boosters smell lovely! - spring fresh

Lovely smelling scent boosters, I try not to use too many though as they are quite expensive and try to buy them in the cardboard tubes as they are more eco friendly than the refill packs. Larger packs at a special price would be good as they don't last very long, especially with a large family like mine, who have also commented on how nice our new laundry scent is :). A little concerning was the last bundle I bought only had a month until they were all out of date, previous bundles have had plenty of time till the expiry date, so hopefully a one off!
Will definitely keep buying as smell lovely and much better for the environment than others on the market.

Laundry Scent Boosters
Sue Wilkinson
Lovely smell not synthetic

I wanted some scent boosters because I use an eco egg which doesn't have a lot of scent. I won't use products that contain harsh chemicals so this is great. I haven't tried fresh linen yet, but coconut is lovely.

Clean Fresh washing done the Eco way

I have been using Laundry Detergent sheets for some time now and would never change.
they are space saving
no additives harmful to the environment
washing is clean and fresh
No plastic packaging
Now I know its small UK company I'm even more pleased

Non bio Laundry Detergent Sheets Limited Edition
Treena Pugh

Didn't affect my skin so a positive, too expensive not sure about the smell, easy to use though and store

Nice idea but doesn't work.

Sadly, this is simultaneously the most expensive and least effective washing up liquid I've ever used. This £5 pack makes less than 1 litre, and it has next to no cleaning power even in soft water.

Coconut Laundry Kit Bundle with FREE Coconut scent booster.
Helen Davies

All free of plastic, which is great. The sheets clean well and the sent boosters leave everything smelling lovely.

Great product

Lovely scent finally an eco alternative to fabric conditioner. Will definitely buy again

Fragrance boosters

We need to be careful with items we buy because my husband suffers from skin sensitivity and psoriasis so finding these scent boosters with nothing in them was great. The scent is subtle and we all enjoy it. Glad I found this item.