Laundry Sheets - Mess Free, Spill Free and Perfect For Travel

Laundry Sheets - Mess Free, Spill Free and Perfect For Travel

Mess free, spill free and perfect for travel… why our laundry detergent sheets make great sense this summer!

Planning to get away this summer? Whether it’s a UK break or a trip overseas there’s one thing that’s usually on every holiday essentials packing list - travel wash. Whilst laundry might be the LAST thing you want to do on holiday there’s no avoiding the fact that spills, dirt and mess happen no matter where you are (usually on your favourite dress, or that new white t-shirt you bought for your toddler) and you need to be prepared to get those clothes clean again.

If you’re lucky enough to holiday in accommodation with full laundry facilities that’s great! Hands up if you actually wash ALL your holiday clothes before returning home? Sounds like a chore but honestly, arriving home without that mountain of washing to get through is actually a brilliant feeling! Just unpack and put away. 

If you can’t access a washing machine on holiday then you’ll be wanting to keep things to a minimum and hand-washing in the sink or bath is likely your only option. It’s a quick and effective solution and ideal for smaller clothes like socks, pants and swimming costumes. 

travel wash detergent sheets

When you’re travelling away from home, taking a pack of Simple Living Eco detergent sheets is a must. You’ll get that same fresh, clean feeling as when you are at home PLUS you’ll save on valuable packing space and weight. Look at the benefits, versus taking a box of powder, a tub of pods or a tube of traditional liquid travel wash…

  • Our detergent sheets are VERY lightweight (just 2g/sheet) and not at all bulky. The cardboard envelope packaging will not take up valuable space in the case
  • Each sheet can be torn in half for hand-washing, so you get no waste and double the cleaning for less money
  • They dissolve even in cold water making them perfect for a cool or luke-warm hand wash
  • There's no liquid, so a pack can be carried in your hand luggage with no problems
  • Our detergent sheets won’t spill and make a mess in your suitcase
  • Each Simple Living Eco detergent sheet softens as well as cleans, so you don’t need to take any extra bottles of softener
  • They are perfect for soaking out stains because they are water-free and packed full of cleaning power
  • They are ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin, because we only plant based ingredients derived from coconuts (and we are palm oil free)
  • You’ve a choice of fragranced or unfragranced detergent sheets - you don’t get that with a generic tube of travel wash!
  • They are eco-friendly! No harsh chemicals, no plastic packaging. This is guilt-free washing on the move!
  • Our laundry sheets are affordable. A clean wash shouldn’t break the bank.

Washing on the go shouldn’t be on the top of your list of “things to do on holiday” but if you need to do a quick wash our travel laundry sheets really are the ideal travel companion!

Pop a pack in your case for hassle-free washing on the go! 

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