Simple Living Eco Gets a Fresh New Look - Subscribe and Save to our UK made Laundry Sheets

Simple Living Eco Gets a Fresh New Look - Subscribe and Save to our UK made Laundry Sheets

Here at Simple Living Eco we’re driven and determined to produce a range of high quality, high performing eco friendly laundry products. Like us, consumers are realising that plastic bottles and bulky cardboard boxes no longer need to be part of the cleaning routine and they’re increasingly reaching out for alternatives.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to develop and grow our detergent range, paying attention to not only the product and packaging, but also the carbon footprint of each and every sheet.

Did you know, the majority of laundry detergent sheets on sale in the UK right now are actually imported, from countries like China and Holland? 

This means that whilst they do offer some eco-credentials, they may well have been shipped a LONG way before reaching your washing machine which adds to their carbon footprint.

We decided to put a stop to this! 

We’ve invested heavily and are delighted to announce that our detergent sheets are now UK made, right here in our factory in Yorkshire. We’re flying the flag for “Made in Britain” and as the first sheets roll off the press we can’t wait to get them into your hands!

Producing in the UK not only shrinks our carbon footprint significantly, but also means we can be super flexible and endlessly creative with formulations and fragrances. Our lab team is now able to test formulations quickly and independently. We no longer have to rely on third parties and the results are paying off. Recent independent tests showed our UK made sheets remove more stains than the market-leading brand


UK made with a fresh new look!

With this UK production you’ll soon see that we’ll be looking a little different too. We’re giving our packaging an overhaul with some fresh new branding that we think you’re going to love! Our packaging remains the same, in terms of being fully recyclable. Even the ink is kinder, as it’s actually vegetable ink! Isn’t that clever?

 We hate waste, so we’re promising to use our old packaging first (so don’t panic if you see variations) but keep your eyes peeled for our new designs and do let us know what you think of our new look. 


And a new website...

And of course, no revamp would be complete without a new website and we think it’s better than ever! We’ve streamlined the product pages to make it easier to shop our collections and you’ll find all your favourites including our detergent sheets and laundry scent boosters

simple living eco website


And a major new feature is our laundry subscription service. Take the hassle out of shopping for detergent and set up a subscription for repeat deliveries, direct from our door to yours.  

Subscribe and SAVE today!

We’ve designed this service to be as flexible as possible, so you can choose AND change your delivery frequency depending on how often you wash and you can pause or cancel at any time. 

laundry sheet subscription

As well as being easy to manage, it’s also cost effective. When you subscribe to a regular laundry sheet delivery your first 32 sheet pack is just £4 (you’ll need to pop the coupon code ECOSAVE in to the checkout before placing your order). Then, each future pack is reduced to £6.40, from £8. That’s just £0.20p / wash and remember, our sheets soften as well as wash so there’s no need to spend any more money on bottles of softener.


Thank You!

As you can see, it’s certainly been a busy few months here at our Yorkshire HQ and we can’t wait to see where the comping months and years take us! The laundry revolution has started, thanks for being a part of it!


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