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Hi! We are Simple Living Eco.
We launched in 2019 after noticing our daughter was breaking out in rashes after using mainstream detergents, after reading and researching just what was in the mainstream detergents We were horrified to find that there are at least 20 different ingredients in mainstream powders and liquids and 5 of them are linked to cancer! So we started researching and looking for a better and more eco version of detergents only to realise that although there are better alternatives these are not travel friendly or do not dissolve in cold water. We then spent a year working with many other companies to try and create something simple, plastic-free and travel friendly as well as kinder and gentler to our skin and plant.
Our formulation was created and Simple Living Eco outgrew the kitchen table in less than 6 months, to our factory facilities where we have sourced our machinery to enable us to start the production of our UK made detergent sheets. We plan to educate our customers big and small and to bring natural detergent sheets to market both in the UK and Europe.

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