Simple Living Eco sheets are simple and effective to use. If you have any questions regarding our sheets or your account, read our answers below.

Do the sheets work in cold or hard water?

Yes our sheets have been formulated to dissolve in cold water and also work well in hard water.

How are your sheets better than your competition?

Competing pods and liquids consist of 60-90% water. When you’re buying liquids, you’re paying for mostly water, and the transportation of that water. Our process extracts the water, leaving behind a concentrated sheet of natural detergent.

As you are most probably aware many of the detergent sheets on the market today come from China which may well be shipped by sea but carbon footprint is still factored into this.We are pleased to be the first UK manufacturer to bring this innovation to both UK and Europe, which will not only save the carbon footprint but we will also save on shipping costs which allows us to pass on the savings to our customers and offer better pricing!

What are the ingredients?

Simple living Eco sheets contain just 5 simple ingredients!

Our sheets are made with plant based and plant derived ingredients extracted from coconut oils, water & coco glucoside.

Our surfactants are derived from sustainable sources and locally. Our raw material supplier are all based in the UK and never test on animals, have provided the correct data sheets and documents to show no animal testing.

Do your sheets have synthetic fragrance or perfume in the ingredients?

Our Fresh Linen sheets are scented with essential oils only and our unscented sheets do not contain any fragrance oils.

Are these good for cloth diapers?

We would recommend to pretreat the diapers with our safe oxygen bleach tablets and then wash as normal with the sheets.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not! We are vegan friendly. We use no animal byproducts and never test any of our ingredients or products on animals.

How can I add/delete products or manage/cancel my subscription?

You can email us or chat with us online, but you also have full control. When you make your purchase, your online account will be set up. Inside your account, you have the control. You can add or delete products.

How do I use the sheets?

For heavy/family loads of washing, we'd suggest using two sheets, whilst for smaller loads, one will do the job.

Simply add the sheet/s directly into the drum and wash as usual adding fabric conditioner in the normal way if also using. A more eco way to soften your clothes would be to use white vinegar. 

Where do you ship from?

We send all of our goods from the Yorkshire countryside.

Do I need to pre-treat stains?

Yes we would recommend treating your stains as you would with any other detergents.

Is there a fragrance to your sheets?

Our laundry sheets carry a light, naturally derived scent which results in a far more neutral smell to your wash when compared to mainstream detergents. We have a lot of information about what makes detergents 'smell fresh' here, but in short, it's often a concoction of chemicals, many of which are toxic. Worse still, manufacturers are not legally obliged to disclose all the ingredients that make up their fragrance! If you then wear the garments washed in these chemicals, you are directly ingesting them.

Can your sheets be used to hand wash clothes?

Absolutely. Depending upon the condition of the garments to be wash, we'd usually recommend one sheet. This will instantly dissolve in the water. For those with sensitive skin, you will find our sheets much less harsh on your hands than ordinary detergents.

Where are your sheets made?

We are proud to be the first and only UK manufacture of detergent sheets! 

Are your sheets safe for septic tanks?

There are no septic safety concerns anticipated with use of this product, if used as directed in a properly functional septic system.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, for any reason, satisfied please get in touch with our team and let us make it right.

Are your sheets better for the environment?

Yes, 100% better. Our detergent sheets are free of phosphates, free of chlorine bleaching agents, free of palm oil, free of animal products and contains no artificial colourings. Our sheets dissolves completely in water and transfers the full washing power to your laundry, without the toxic chemicals.

Are your sheets Bio or Non Bio?

Our sheets are classed as Non Bio simply because they do not contain any enzymes. Non-biological laundry detergents offer the same great cleaning power of their biological counterparts, but without the enzymes.

Can this product be used with an older washer that is not high efficiency?

Our sheets work in all machine types and all water types. 

Can I use bleach with these laundry sheets?

Yes, absolutely! You can use bleach as you normally would. We would recommend checking out our oxygen bleach tablets for a more safer effect and to help with stains.

Does this work with cold water/short cycle and still dissolve and leave no residue?

Our sheets can be used in cold water, however we would recommend you do not use the sheets on a short cycle as they would need a full cycle to complete the cleaning job.

What ingredient actually cleans the clothes?

The surfactants derived from the coconut oil are the cleaning power in our sheets.

How many washes do you get out of your sheets?

Depending on the number of sheets you have brought you would get that amount of washes, for example, 32 sheets give you 32 washes, and 64 sheets give you 64 washes. Our sheets are designed to be used in washes up to 10kg unlike other companies claiming 34 sheets but you only get 16 sheets and so for a 10kg wash you would need two strips and so this is more cost-effective. As we are now a UK manufacturer we can offer better pricing. With much better value for your ££- beware of others offering strips you pay more per load! The cost per wash is £0.14p with a  Simple Living Eco subscription.

Why are your sheets not in retailers?

Watch this space! We have some exciting news coming soon! 

Do I still use fabric softener with this product?

You may use a fabric softener if you would like. We find that clothes come out soft and static free without it. This is contingent on what kind of environment you live in. However why not try our vegan and static free scent boosters, leaving your clothes smelling fresher for longer

Any tips for sweaty clothes?

We would recommend spot treatment prior to washing. If there is a particular area that is smelly, like the armpits, then you can wet that area and rub a portion of the sheet against it. You can also soak your clothing in a 1:4 vinegar/water combination for half an hour prior to washing. I also found that sun-drying can help remove some of the smell, if you're able to do that. 

Are these pet friendly?

Yes, our sheets are pet friendly, safe to use to wash dog bedding etc.

Have your sheets been tested?

We are so pleased to say we have had our sheets tested and they have shown great skin compatibility. 


Under the experimental conditions adopted:

Single application of the investigational product
Laundry detergent sheet  Ref. LDS001– Lot. 42021, under semi- occlusive patch on a panel of 22 female and male test subjects aged between 33 and 6 years old, with phototype II to IV and with sensitive skin on body.

The product induced no reaction of irritation and has a very good skin compatibility.

Do SLE Sheets contain SLS?

Removing dirt from clothing, dishes and household surfaces is an essential part of daily life, so it’s important to know what you’re really coming into contact with. Many cleaning and personal-care products, from detergents to toothpaste use surfactants to unlock their cleaning action. When used with water surfactants foam and give a product the ability to remove dirt.

SLS is well-known as a skin irritant when left on the skin for prolonged periods of time and can lead to cracked, dry and tender skin. In recent years, it has picked up a considerable amount of attention across the internet with rumours of it being linked to cancer, however, there has been no evidence that SLS is linked to this in any way.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is found in lots of everyday products as it lathers up to create a cleansing foam.

SLS is deemed as ‘safe to use’ by many regulatory bodies including The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and The Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel (CIR). Yet, despite being marked as ‘safe to use’, SLS has been identified as a skin irritant if left on skin for prolonged periods of time. Simple Living Eco have had our sheets tested on sensitive skin and we are pleased to say they did not cause any skin irritation.

Simple Living Eco sheets contain Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES).

SLES is used for its emulsifying abilities and serves as a super-effective detergent and cleaner. SLES is much gentler and doesn’t strip the epidermis of any excess moisture, leaving your clothes feeling soft, smooth and fresh. Simple Living Eco only uses ingredients that won’t harm your skin or the environment.

Do SLE Sheets contain starch?

No. Starch is a filler that is unessersery in the laundry market along with Silicon oil these two ingredients are a bacteria feeder and breeder and will leave your washing machine smelling! While Silicon oil is used as a softening agent it is also a bacteria feeder so by having two bacteria feeders in the sheets you are leaving your washing machine open to mould and bacteria!

Do you already use detergent sheets and noticed mould in the rubber part of your machine? Check the ingredients on the sheets you are using.

Why does your product have a corrosive picture?

This classification relates to the super concentrated product as supplied, in use solutions of the product will be non-corrosive and non-irritant.

Why are you better than competitors?

We are the first and only company to produce UK make detergent sheets.