A Year In Review - How Simple Living Eco has disrupted the Eco-laundry market in 2022!

A Year In Review - How Simple Living Eco has disrupted the Eco-laundry market in 2022!

What a year it has been for our Barnsley based family business! Sometimes we can’t believe the year we have had & the progress we have made, but taking a look back this week has shown us just how far we have come.  

From setting up our business from the kitchen table to owning a factory full of machines our business has grown faster than we predicted. Our goal has always been to be the first UK manufacturer of our flagship product, the laundry detergent sheets (link to laundry sheets page), and after working on creating a simple yet effective formulation that is not only safe for our skins but safe for our environment we achieved it. A lot of time, education & investment has gone into our product but this allowed us to confidently start producing our sheets from our factory in Yorkshire. 

We are now producing our range here in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint, as well as our costs, meaning we have also been able to pass those cost savings onto you, our customers, at a time when saving is more important than ever. 

With things changing from our production end, we wanted to make sure our online store portrayed our brand & our vision and so we also invested in a brand new website which we are absolutely thrilled with as well as a brand new packaging design (coming soon). 

We can’t wait to expand our product range during 2023 and add more options to our eco range. Watch this space! 

2022 also saw the return of our ‘Subscribe and Save’ subscription model, which re-launched alongside our new website. The sign-ups have blown us away, and we are so grateful to the new customers that have tried us, and stayed with us. Our subscription (link to subs page) offering allows you to benefit from reduced prices, free delivery & never having to remember to buy laundry products again. Win win! 

Something that was of great importance to us throughout the development of our UK made sheets was that we didn’t just compete with the big brands in the laundry market but that we were ultimately BETTER than them! We didn’t want to just claim we were better, we wanted to prove it, so during the summer we submitted our detergent sheets to an independent laboratory. The test that was undertaken was a spectrophotometer test, and provided us with a range of data. A market leading product was used in the test, and a list of 10 different every day stains ranging from tomato puree to beef fat were tested.  We were delighted to hear the news that Simple Living Eco detergent sheets effectively shifted 6 out of the 10 stains BETTER than the market leading brand. 

This test gave us the confidence to launch our UK products fully, market them to the world & has helped us secure new customers every single day! 

Simple living isn’t just all about laundry, we have recently launched our range of crystal diffusers, an innovative twist on the classic air freshener. Created by renowned fragrance blends, our natural crystals diffuser is the solution to eliminate odours and freshen the air while providing a warm sophisticated aromatic fragrance, all whilst being eco-friendly. Our home range is set to expand in 2023, and we can’t wait.

It has certainly been a busy year and we are ready for a well needed break this festive period but we wanted to end 2022  by thanking the incredible people we have worked with this year across our branding, marketing, product development and beyond, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

And finally to our customers, you make doing what we do, the best job in the world. Thank you! 

Dan & Diane

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