Back to School: Tackling uniform stains with Simple Living Eco

Back to School: Tackling uniform stains with Simple Living Eco

As the first few weeks back to school draw to a close one HUGE parental bugbear that results from the back-to-school season is the perpetual battle against stubborn stains on school uniforms, in particular white shirts. In this article, we'll explore some tips and tricks to help you keep those uniforms looking fresh and clean throughout the school year with the help of Simple Living Eco’s product range.


  1. Act Quickly:

The golden rule for dealing with stains is to address them promptly. The longer a stain sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove. 


  1. Pre-Treat Stains:

Before tossing uniforms into the washer, take a few moments to pre-treat any visible stains. Our UK Made laundry detergent sheets can be used to pretreat stains before washing. Simply tear a sheet in half and dampen, rub the stained area with the sheet using cool or warm water to create a foam. We also offer a new plant based stain remover which can also be sprayed onto the stained area, left for a few seconds then rinsed with cool or warm water before washing. These steps can significantly improve your chances of complete stain removal before adding the item to the washing machine.

stained white clothing

pre treat with detergent sheets

laundry detergent sheets

  1. Sort and Separate:

When doing laundry, sort the uniforms by colour and fabric type. Light and dark colours should be washed separately to prevent colour bleeding. Additionally, avoid washing uniforms with heavily soiled items like muddy sports gear.


  1. Temperature Matters:

Check the care labels on the uniforms for temperature recommendations. In most cases, washing in cold water is suitable for preventing colour fading and preserving fabric integrity while effectively removing stains.


  1. Be Mindful of Bleach:

Bleach can be harsh on fabrics and may weaken them over time, as well as being bad for the environment. Our Oxygen Bleach tablets are the perfect alternative, offering superior stain-removing power and effortlessly tackling stubborn stains. They help to keep whites bright as the day they were bought. Place one in the wash after pre-treating the stains to see your whites return to sparkly white. 

oxygen bleach tablets

  1. Drying Techniques:

Avoid using high heat settings when drying uniforms, as this can set stains and cause shrinkage. Opt for a low-heat or a heatless air-drying method (like line drying where possible) to preserve the quality of the fabric.


  1. Know Your Stains:

Different stains require different treatment but we have found that our sheet method can tackle some of the most stubborn stains including pen marks, tomato ketchup AND fake tan so there is no need to use a variety of products, and a mix of less eco-friendly options. 


  1. Not stains but still problematic

Many children find that sometimes wearing a full school uniform (shirt, blazer, trousers) leads to more periods of sweating. Often the odour can linger and be difficult to remove from the shirts in particular. Never fear, we also have a solution to this issue. Our amazing eco-friendly fragrance boosters (link to fragrance boosters) help to eradicate the lingering scents and make clothes fresh, for longer. 


Remember, stains are an inevitable part of school life, and a few battle scars on uniforms tell stories of learning and growing. With these tips in mind, you can minimise the impact of stains on your child's clothes, keeping them like new for longer! 


Here's to a successful and stain-free school year ahead!



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