Ecological detergent: How do I wash more sustainably?

Ecological detergent: How do I wash more sustainably?

Doing laundry is probably not the most popular topic. However, how you wash your clothes can have a big impact on the environment. Detergents often contain petroleum-based surfactants and other chemicals such as fragrances or micro plastics. Through the washing process, everything ends up in the wastewater and in nature.

What are the advantages of ecological detergents?

The obvious reason is conservation of nature and sustainability. Fewer resources are used, production is more energy efficient, and no ingredients are left on our planet for thousands of years.

People with sensitive skin or children living in the household often don't want to wash with just any detergent. After all, we have our washed clothes directly on our skin for almost 24 hours.

A third and often forgotten advantage of sustainable alternatives is the cost. Ecological detergent can sometimes be cheaper than common ones. And of course, if you make something yourself, you save an enormous amount.

The prejudice that laundry does not get clean with sustainable detergent is also a myth. Most clothes that modern people wash is only minimally "dirty", which most agents can easily cope with. However, most organic detergents can also remove stubborn stains: just give them a try.

Is liquid or powder detergent more ecological?

The simple answer beforehand: as a rule, the powder form is the more sustainable option. To keep the detergent liquid, more artificial ingredients are needed, such as preservatives. Liquid detergents in particular score particularly poorly in eco-tests.

In addition, liquid detergent can almost only be packaged in plastic, while there are many manufacturers of washing powder that use plastic-free packaging. 

When is detergent organic? 

Organic detergents are based on natural ingredients, which means they are usually free of dyes, enzymes, palm oil, surfactants, micro plastics or other artificial fragrances and additives.

How can I make organic laundry detergent myself? 

There are many ways to make your own detergent. If you don't want to go to a lot of trouble, you can also try a washing ball and washing nuts. You can use the washing ball again and again and washing nuts are much more sustainable than conventional detergent.

Where can I buy organic laundry detergent? 

You can find organic laundry detergent from our shop.

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