Energy Saving Tips to reduce your energy bills and your environmental impact

Energy Saving Tips to reduce your energy bills and your environmental impact

For Energy Savers Week 2024, Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust shared information and advice to help people manage their energy bills. As the world shifts towards sustainable living, it's the perfect time to explore how small simple changes in our daily routines can help with energy saving but also contribute to a healthier planet. 

Energy Saving Tips from Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust


Their top 5 tips for Energy Savers Week were:

  1. Turn down your thermostat by 1°C and save around £105 a year on energy bills. 
  1. Switch your heating off when leaving the house for a few hours. It’s cheaper to reheat your home than keep your heating on low when you’re out (unless you own a heat pump.)
  1. Fit draught-proofing strips to your windows and doors and save around £45 a year
  1. Get a hot water cylinder jacket and save roughly £50 a year on energy bills 
  1. Keep furniture away from radiators and heaters and remove radiator covers to feel warmer at home 

At Simple Living Eco we prioritise sustainability in everything we do, so seek to minimise waste, reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable living. So we want to help you optimise your laundry habits for both energy saving and environmental impact.

Here are our top tips:

  • Use energy-efficient appliances
    As you embark on your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, consider upgrading to energy-efficient laundry appliances. Look for appliances with an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating for maximum efficiency. (Older machines were rated A+++ to D, the new rating system is A to G)

New energy saving label for appliances

  • Try cold water washing
    Did you know that almost 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine goes into heating the water? By switching to cold water washing, not only do you reduce your energy consumption, but you also preserve the colour and quality of your clothes. This simple shift is a win-win for your wallet and the environment. Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets work at low temperatures, completely dissolve in your wash leaving no residue and are the perfect choice for your everyday laundry.

  • Use plant-based laundry products
    Opt for plant-based laundry detergents that are free from chlorine bleach, phosphates, enzymes and parabens. These detergents not only promote a healthier environment but also are better for your skin and extend the lifespan of your clothes. Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets are the perfect choice as they are suitable for both hard and soft water areas, safe for septic tanks and suitable for people with sensitive skin. For stubborn stains, try the Simple Living Eco Stain Remover which contains powerful plant-based ingredients (no chlorine bleach) and is ideal as a pre-treatment before washing your clothes.

    Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets made in the UK

  • Air dry your laundry when possible
    Maximise your energy savings by air drying your clothes whenever possible. Line-drying or using drying racks/airers not only conserves energy but also helps to preserve the texture and colour of your garments. Take advantage of your heating being on by placing drying racks/airers near to your radiator and take advantage of the warmer months to embrace the natural power of the sun and wind.

  • Adopt smart laundry practices
    Don’t leave your machine on standby mode. Once your washing cycle has finished, turn your machine dial to off. Consider doing full loads of laundry to optimise the energy used per cycle. Small adjustments like this can significantly reduce your overall energy consumption. Don’t forget, if your wash load is over 8kg, you will need to use two Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets.

  • Use plant-based cleaning products
    Extend your green cleaning journey beyond the laundry room by choosing plant-based cleaning solutions. We now have a range of plant-based, vegan friendly cleaning products for your kitchen and bathroom that include Multipurpose Cleaning Sheets, Toilet Cleaner Sheets, Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaners, Washing Up Liquid and Powder to Gel Washing Up Liquid

At Simple Living Eco we are committed to producing effective products with non-toxic plant-based ingredients whenever possible. We care about your family’s skin so produce products that are kind to skin. We aim to minimise waste and environmental impact so always use recyclable packaging. We also want to make our products accessible to everyone in terms of affordability in order to support your sustainable lifestyle. 

We fully support all campaigns that increase awareness about energy saving. Remember that every choice you make in your laundry and cleaning routine contributes to a cleaner more sustainable future.

By incorporating these energy-saving tips into your laundry routine, you not only reduce your environmental impact but also enjoy the benefits of a healthier home and wardrobe. Together, let's make every week an opportunity to embrace the power of sustainable living.

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