Multipurpose Cleaning Sheets

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Multipurpose Cleaning Sheets

Multipurpose Cleaning Sheets


Introducing Simple Living Eco Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sheets - the innovative solution for all your cleaning needs, made right here in the UK. With just one sheet and one bottle, you can clean your kitchen, bathroom, windows, and doors without needing a plastic cleaning product in every room of your house.

Our sheets are designed to minimise the level of plastic waste generated in our environment and to provide a simple yet effective cleaning solution. Our sheets only contain simple ingredients, ensuring that you use a safe and natural product for your home.

Using the Simple Living Eco Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sheets is easy. Simply handle the sheet with dry hands, roll it in a bottle, add warm water and shake. The product is then ready for use. For the best results, spray the solution on the surface and leave for a few minutes before wiping.

Say goodbye to cluttered cleaning products and hello to a more sustainable way of cleaning. Join the eco-friendly revolution today and try Simple Living Eco Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sheets, made in the UK! Order now and enjoy the benefits of an effective, versatile and sustainable cleaning solution.



  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate- natural surfactant derived from coconut oil
  • sodium lauryl ether sulfate"-Mild surfactant safe for sensitive skin 
  • Fatty alcohol ethoxylate- surfactant derived from coconut oil 
  • Coconut-Foaming agent derived from coconuts

Add a sheet to the bottle, then add 300ml of water.