Laundry Fragrance Boosters Re-fill Pouch
Laundry Fragrance Boosters Re-fill Pouch

Laundry Fragrance Boosters Re-fill Pouch

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Scent: Coconut
Spring Fresh
Description & Ingredients

Introducing our irresistible fragrance booster refills - the perfect solution for extending the life of your fresh laundry scent! With a choice between our refreshing Spring fresh and exotic Coconut fragrances, you can enjoy a personalised laundry experience that will transport you to a tropical paradise or a blossoming field of flowers. Our scent booster refills are carefully designed to pair up with our powerful laundry detergent sheets, creating the ultimate laundry duo that will leave your clothes smelling incredibly fresh for days. These tiny but mighty fragrance boosters are a must-have for any laundry routine, allowing you to elevate your laundry game and impress everyone with your freshly scented wardrobe. So don't let your laundry scent fade away - choose our scent booster refills and experience a laundry scent that lasts and lasts. Order now and step into a world of sensational fragrances that make you want to do daily laundry!

Weight 200g

Our scent booster pouches are an excellent choice for letterbox posting. The pouches are made from paper and lined with foil to safeguard the beads from moisture, ensuring their freshness and quality. Due to their flat and flexible nature, they can be easily accommodated in letterboxes, making the delivery process more convenient.

We strive to make our packaging as user-friendly as possible. Our current product pouches have been designed with convenience in mind. After use, they can be easily disposed of in your regular kerbside bins. This eliminates the need for special disposal methods and helps streamline your recycling or waste management routines. Please continue to follow your local waste management guidelines, as disposal regulations may vary by location.