Super Concentrate washing up liquid

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Super Concentrate washing up liquid

Super Concentrate washing up liquid

Description & Ingredients


Simple Living Eco: Power Up Your Washing, Downsize Your Impact

Ditch the bulky bottles and endless suds – Simply Living Eco's super-concentrated washing-up liquid cuts through grease with a mighty punch while leaving your conscience squeaky clean. Here's why it's the eco-champion of your sink:

50% Less Water than the Competition: Why ship water when you can power through dishes? Our concentrated formula packs cleaning muscle into every drop, meaning a little goes a long way. It's not just good for your wallet; it's a win for the planet – less water transported equals a smaller carbon footprint.

Gentle Hands, Happy Dishes: Forget harsh chemicals that leave your skin feeling like sandpaper. Our non-caustic formula treats your hands with the kindness they deserve while still tackling the toughest food fights.

Hard Water Hero: Whether your tap water throws curveballs with its hardness or flows soft and gentle, our versatile formula conquers grime regardless. Sparkling clean, without the film!

Foam Fiesta: Get ready for a sudsy celebration! Our high-foaming action cuts through grease and lifts away dirt like a whirlwind, making dishwashing a giggle, not a chore.

Mint Freshness: Banish the lingering odors of yesterday's meals with our invigorating mint scent. Your kitchen will smell like a refreshing breeze, not a battlefield of forgotten leftovers.

Eco-Warrior Credentials: We've got your back (and the planet's). Our formula boasts reduced hazardous substances, is phosphate and phosphonate-free, safe for septic tanks, and readily biodegradable. Clean dishes, clear conscience – what more could you ask for?

Join the Simple Living Eco revolution and experience the power of less. Ditch the bulky bottles, embrace super concentrated cleaning, and wash your way to a brighter, cleaner future, one dish at a time.


Made in the UK.

Here’s the full list of ingredients:


• Sugar Surfactants

• Coconut Fatty Alcohol Surfactants

• Citric acid

• Sodium salt

 • Fragrance- Mint essential oil.


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